Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Incredible In India

And in India, introducing

Fashion Designer Amamd Bhushan

"An armour dress in grey which was completely constructed of scrape nuts, bolts and screws, received a thunderous round of applause from the audience who were awestruck by Anand’s creativity."

Now you know I love fasteners but would I have been awestruck by this dress?


But I'm obsessed with this stuff. What I want to know is: who are the other people applauding? Am I to believe everyone in India is like me - fanatical for fasteners?!


And would I wear that dress? 


The photo and the information came from a 2012 post from an Indian Fashion Blog called Purushu Arie so I googled Amamd to see what he has designed since 2012. It seems he is now working with LEGOS.

Found the photo from VOGUE INDIA.
(That's right, the screw dress designer is a bigwig.)

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