Friday, March 29, 2013

Piping hot!

Ladies & Gentlemen, we saved the best for last...

we built a stainless steel mug!

 Actually we built it decades ago but recently a customer was so impressed by it that he offered to buy it from us.  When I told him it's not for sale he was so bummed - which was so flattering! 

But it got me thinking I should add it to our month of handmade goods.

How cool is that U-bolt that goes all the way through?!

And just like our paperclips holder, we signed the bottom of our awesomeness.

But you won't find this at our Etsy shop. I'm too afraid if I put it up for some outrageous price someone still might actually buy it. We just can't risk it - we love it too much!  We even hung the blueprints up in our lobby - come by one day and see!

**And a special thank you to the fantastic Mr. Uyeda who hand machined it for us!**

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Your desk just got better!

This week we made this: A Sexagon Paperclip Holder!

We took a huge nut, lined the bottom and then filled it with paperclips - boom - a paperclip holder!

We're selling this on Etsy for $8 - perfect for any desk!

Oh yah, we left you note on the bottom.

Friday, March 15, 2013

We hung the washers!

 Look what we made!
Isn't it beautiful?!

It's even pretty outside...

So I started with an assortment of washers.

Then I grabbed some pretty colors of string...

and I wrapped all the washers!
This part took forever.
That light blue one took me three tries - this was a very tedious process!

And to hang them I found sticks from outside.

And poof - voila - I hung the washers!

And now I will put it in our Etsy shop. 
I'm selling it for $1,000 because I love it! 
I don't really want to part with it (and I don't want to make another one) so I think that's a good price.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We're on Etsy!

That's right - we opened our own Etsy shop!!!

We love making stuff and we love selling fasteners so now we're selling what we're making over at Etsy.
Our first items up for sale are our wine charms! Ta da!

Available at our Freeway Fasteners Etsy shop!

And the Craft & Hobby Association declared March National Craft Month so in honor of  it we're going to add a new item each week, all month long, to our Etsy shop.

Let us know if you have any ideas!

Happy March - Happy Crafting

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