Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Freaky Fastener Pumpkins

Pumpkins by Freeway Fasteners
Yep, we made them.
 Frankenfreeway's Monster

You know Pinhead but do you know
( Phillips-Wood-Screwhead !!! )


Friday, October 19, 2012

Hot shoes...hot dipped galvanized

For Halloween my 7 year old niece is going to be a character named Frankie Stein from something called Monster High. I had no idea what she was talking about so she quickly educated me.  Monster High is a line of dolls, like Barbie Dolls, that have turned into TV shows and books. Each Monster High character is either related to or is the kid of a famous monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, the Mummy, Medusa, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Phantom of the Opera and zombies (that part I got from Wikipedia) but they're super fashionable (that part is from my niece.)  It's kind of a funny premise.

And here is Frankie Stein - my niece's favorite character:

As I was getting to know her I was pleasantly surprised to find that she's my favorite character too!!  And here's why - here is why she shows up in our blog - take a look at these:
Bolts in her shoes! Her fashion sense rules. Of course Frankenstein's monster's daughter has to have bolts somewhere.

Frankie Stein is adorable and clever
...just like my niecey-pooh.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fastener Pumpkins!

People are so clever!
Check out these pumpkins and fasteners.

Found these artistic ones at The Swell Life.
What a scary mess - I love it! From a site called French Knots.
You know, Frankenstein is the scientist, not the monster, right? He's near and dear to our hearts - those bolts! This friendly Frank pumpkin came from Parents.com.

And we found this one at Lowe's - they have a great creative department!

 Later this week we'll show you ours - I'm bringing pumpkins to work!

Friday, October 12, 2012


You've heard of the HEXAGON but have you heard of

I found a blog post from some adorably clever brothers and one of their posts informs readers that the word SEXAGON also describes a 6-sided shape but has fallen out of fashion and we now commonly use the word HEXAGON instead.  The word SEXAGON uses the prefix SEX (latin for six) to describe things with 6's, like SEXTUPLETS (6 babies born at once) or a SEXTET (a group of six) or a SEXTANT (like a quadrant but a sixth of the space instead of a fourth.) The brother that wrote the post wants the word to be made popular again - and so do I! They have a post called "I'm Bringing Sexagon Back" which basically goes over a brief history and then shows lots of photos of sexagons - and that's what I'm going to do - help bring SEXAGON back! 
There's a SEXAGON in the center of the flower.

3 irregularly shaped SEXAGONS on the top of a turtle's shell.

Of course our beloved HEX nuts but we're going to have to start calling them SEX nuts. (Let's see if we sell more of them since SEX sells.)

A card I found that showcases my favorite shape.

"STOP calling me a HEXAGON - I'm a SEXAGON!" said the stop sign.
There is one in the sky! This constellation is the Winter Hexagon - which we will now and forever call the Winter SEXAGON (although, as the Greeks probably named it, hexagon may be more appropriate, as hex is Greek for 6.) Click here to see what the constellation looks like: Winter SEXAGON

Probably the most famous natural SEXAGONS made by busy little honey bees.

Sexy SEXAGON tights...I'm going to get them for my sisters.

And lastly quilters love SEXAGONS - I've seen this pattern done SEX million times.

And that's the SEXAGON.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Odd ball thing

Check out this sample I delivered to a customer the other day.
You can probably see there is a U bolt in there and some nuts but
does anyone know what the other piece is? Anyone...anyone...
You're going to have to call us if you want to know the answer! (562) 634-4510!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beautiful Bolts, Nuts and Screws

Luca Barcellona is a graphic designer and calligrapher and he made this! Compared to his other work this seems very random - but it's beautiful and we love it!
We found it on his flicker page.
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