Friday, May 29, 2015

Build your own Nuts & Bolts Chess Set

We've written about chess set made of nuts & bolts in the past (how they are a great gift idea - click HERE to read it.) Now we've found a website called that shows you exactly how to make your very own. I particularly like how they breakdown what you'll need for each piece. Go to the site and they give you a list of all the materials you will need.

Image: Cub Scout Ideas

Then after you are done they suggest you paint them which makes them look really pretty.

And all the hardware will cost you around $20.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More Paper Nuts & Bolts

We found another site making nuts & bolts out of paper! 
(Who are these people?!)

We found a Japanese website called Soil Shop that gives you the diagram to make your very own version of these badboys!!

There are actual threads!!

The nut even turns on those paper threads.

I don't think these still are considered origami because I think some cutting of the paper is involved so what would they be called? Oh, I know - EXTRAORDINAMI!

Click here to go to Diagram 1 and here for Diagram 2 if you are clever enough to try to make your own!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Origami Bolts & Nuts

David Brill is a brilliant origamist (is that a word?)  He folds some of the most impressive origami - he even publishes the diagrams to show someone else how to fold and recreate his masterpieces.

Check this out!

Why he chose a nut and bolt, we'll never know. 

But I do know that folding the paper to look like the threads on a bolt is really impressive! I think the origami world was super impressed too because lots of people have recreated it - just do a Google Image search of "David Brill Origami Nut Bolt" and you'll see plenty of examples of people recreating them.

You could also:


It looks too hard and time consuming for me...I'm busy blogging!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nuts & Driftwood

The author of Home Sweet came up with a great way to weave pieces of driftwood together to make a hanging sculpture.

The author, Diane, didn't want to drill through the pieces so she used the holes in hex nuts and threaded them together basically. 

This would look super pretty hanging in a house on the beach. 

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