Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vegas baby!

After visiting some customers in Las Vegas, I spent some time at The Palms. While I was there I took notice of the fasteners that surrounded me.
Some were functioning covertly, some were being blantantly decorative AND some were doing both! It's so fun seeing them hard at work in such a wide variety of different ways. 

This is a poolside cabana.

Look closer and you'll see fasteners all over the outside...

and the inside.

This little guy is the star of the cabana!

They cover the walls but also...

they're in other places too!
On the inside of the hotel there are these beautiful large glass windows being held together with some fancy stuff.

This is the fancy stuff.

Even at your table...

where you're not suppose to look...

they're holding things up.

If you look up pretty much anywhere in Vegas...

you'll see you are being watched with hidden cameras.

And our little friend is there too, holding things down...or in this case, up.

Even in glitzy Las Vegas, it was the fasteners that fascinated me...I'm officially a fastener freak.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Look who joined us for brunch.
This crazy gorgeous green beetle flew all around us and then landed for the perfect photo opportunity for a fastener fanatic. This is pure beauty!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Screwed up portraits!

You have to see this guy's art work! Andrew Myers is an artist based in Laguna Beach, CA and he makes art out of screws - but not sculptures! Most art made with fasteners are sculptures of different people or animals (which I also love) but this guy is making portraits that resemble paintings! He's using the heads of screws as if they were the paint - they are amazing! I can't use enough exclamation points!

For more info, here is a cool article I found on him at AOL News - it has more photos & some cool videos - or go straight to his website Andrew Myers Art. 

I heart Andrew Myers.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I like big bolts and I can not lie

We've been having some pretty big stuff come through lately - and I love it!!!!

These are 2 1/2 inches in diameter & 9 inches in length - they're gigantic!

And these beauties are 1" diameters x 7 1/2" - also HUGE!

I made a letter 'J' out of them.

How big is the allen wrench that will turn this?!

I could barely lift one!

Monday, August 8, 2011

BOLT, The Movie

My nieces introduced me to a dog named BOLT this weekend.  He is the main character in a movie, aptly named after him, called BOLT.  Unfortunately his logo is a lightning bolt and not a fastener, but still, I had to watch the movie and hope for something good.
It was great!

This movie has so many values we can get behind like loyalty, commitment, honesty, truth & love.  Of course he's a dog, and loyalty is the number one trait of a good dog, but BOLT is the ultimate.  Once he discovers he's been living a lie he still doesn't stop being loyal or believing in the love of his person - and he goes out to find her.  And the unconditional love of a dog is also something special and BOLT reminds us of that too.  Lastly, this little dog helped to restore a little alley cat's faith in friendship with his unwavering sense of commitment.  It was so sweet. 

We definitley recommend BOLT - here is a Link to the Trailer from 2008.
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