Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vegas baby!

After visiting some customers in Las Vegas, I spent some time at The Palms. While I was there I took notice of the fasteners that surrounded me.
Some were functioning covertly, some were being blantantly decorative AND some were doing both! It's so fun seeing them hard at work in such a wide variety of different ways. 

This is a poolside cabana.

Look closer and you'll see fasteners all over the outside...

and the inside.

This little guy is the star of the cabana!

They cover the walls but also...

they're in other places too!
On the inside of the hotel there are these beautiful large glass windows being held together with some fancy stuff.

This is the fancy stuff.

Even at your table...

where you're not suppose to look...

they're holding things up.

If you look up pretty much anywhere in Vegas...

you'll see you are being watched with hidden cameras.

And our little friend is there too, holding things down...or in this case, up.

Even in glitzy Las Vegas, it was the fasteners that fascinated me...I'm officially a fastener freak.

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