Monday, August 8, 2011

BOLT, The Movie

My nieces introduced me to a dog named BOLT this weekend.  He is the main character in a movie, aptly named after him, called BOLT.  Unfortunately his logo is a lightning bolt and not a fastener, but still, I had to watch the movie and hope for something good.
It was great!

This movie has so many values we can get behind like loyalty, commitment, honesty, truth & love.  Of course he's a dog, and loyalty is the number one trait of a good dog, but BOLT is the ultimate.  Once he discovers he's been living a lie he still doesn't stop being loyal or believing in the love of his person - and he goes out to find her.  And the unconditional love of a dog is also something special and BOLT reminds us of that too.  Lastly, this little dog helped to restore a little alley cat's faith in friendship with his unwavering sense of commitment.  It was so sweet. 

We definitley recommend BOLT - here is a Link to the Trailer from 2008.

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