Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gigantic Drill Bits

I hope you are able to see the scope of these with my not-so-great photo, and I only used my hand as a reference so that might not help either...

but can you see how ENORMOUS these drill bits are?! 

I wish it were silver and not black so you see it clearer, like the one next to it. Actually, even the second largest one is pretty huge!

If you need one, or have any questions, let us know.
We carry them.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fasteners, Helping to Cool the Earth

We found another assembly diagram that shows lots of fasteners - and it is very creative -  so we love it.

This diagram was made by Doug Chayka for Fast Co. Exist's feature on "World Changing Ideas of 2015", The title is: GEOENGINEERING. I think the diagram, in reference to the article, is suggesting that maybe one day someone will come up with a plan for humans to cool our planet...clever way of expressing it. There are a bunch of fasteners in the diagram, which is also awesome, but at this size they are hard to see so be sure to click over to the artist's website to see a big version of it - to see all the fasteners in all their glory: http://www.dougchayka.com/. Perhaps fasteners will help save the planet.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Loosen Nuts from Bolts

Typically we don't like to talk about nuts coming loose from bolts but sometimes it is necessary when you need to remove something, and often quite difficult. So we found a pretty decent tutorial on the Do It Yourself Network that gives you 5 ways to loosen them yourself.

Of course sometimes it is easy to separate a nut from a bolt, like in this video:

And other times, you may need a tip from the tutorial: 
How to loosen nuts from bolts

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fast Fasteners

As I was out and about on Sunday, I came across some motorcycles that took my breath away! 

First off, they are nice bikes...I guess. I don't really know but they looked fancy & expensive. But what filled me with joy was seeing all the fasteners in place, holding each bike together - this bike was my favorite!

Fasteners Galore

Look at all those - nice one, Yamaha!

Then there was this one...it isn't as impressive, fastener-wise.

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