Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fasteners, Helping to Cool the Earth

We found another assembly diagram that shows lots of fasteners - and it is very creative -  so we love it.

This diagram was made by Doug Chayka for Fast Co. Exist's feature on "World Changing Ideas of 2015", The title is: GEOENGINEERING. I think the diagram, in reference to the article, is suggesting that maybe one day someone will come up with a plan for humans to cool our planet...clever way of expressing it. There are a bunch of fasteners in the diagram, which is also awesome, but at this size they are hard to see so be sure to click over to the artist's website to see a big version of it - to see all the fasteners in all their glory: http://www.dougchayka.com/. Perhaps fasteners will help save the planet.

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