Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nuts and Bolts in the Holy Land

Now we're in Israel! 

Meet Yoma Segev. Unlike the other sculptors we've presented, this one doesn't use fasteners exclusively but all sorts of materials that are considered trash. And lots of fasteners show up! We think his work is fun and whimsical, and we like it.

All of the following information and photos we found on blog called PazzaPazza. The writer of the blog wrote the following about Yoma, "It seems to me, that Yoma does not care if anyone likes what he does, if he can sell it, where to exhibit it, what will be its purpose - he just creates, obsessively, soulfully and wholeheartedly. "  

Here he is.

This sheep is made of WING NUTS!

My eyes had trouble seeing them at first glance.

There's a keps nut right on his forehead.

Lots of nuts in this one.

So fun.

For more information on him, do a google search. He's pretty popular. 


  1. Hi its great how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic of fasteners creativity, you made my day.

    DIN 7 | DIN 1444

  2. Great creativity with using old and rough material of nuts and bolts looking very nice. Thanks admin for give us such knowledge. like to thank for your work. Great work.


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