Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hex, Out in the World Doing Some Good

Found something called XY that helps you keep track of your stuff by putting a tag on the things you often misplace. Simply place a tag on each item you don't want to lose and the tag sends a signal to your phone or tablet. When the tagged item gets too far away from you it sends you a message letting you know you left it behind. Or if you wonder where it is, you can just look it up! Great idea.

And what shape did they choose to make the symbol of their great idea - the HEX.

I don't know if you noticed but this company doesn't actually exist yet. But it will thanks to their Kickstarter Campaign. Click the image above if you want to help and contribute to this great idea - you only have 17 days left.

And below is the video to see exactly how it works and who are the people making it. 

We contributed because we love ingenuity and we love the hex and this idea combines the two (also we lose our cell phone a lot.)

Good luck to the XY team!
Can't wait.

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