Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Music Month is Here!

It's January and our blog focuses on music and sound this month, in honor of the NAMM SHOW.

If you don't know what the NAMM SHOW is check out our post from a 2012. But basically NAMM is an acronym for National Association of Music Merchants; it is a huge convention in Southern California where everyone who sells a musical instrument, or music related products, gets together.

So we're starting the month off with this clever musical instrument that
someone made out of fastener related items.

My instinct is to call it a xylophone but the word comes from the Greek words ξύλον - xylon - meaning "wood" and φωνή - phonē - meaning "sound, voice".  So xylophone translates to "wooden sound" but this one isn't made of wood! So we can't call it that. But what should we call it? 

Let's figure it out.

I looked up the word WRENCH in Greek and it is κλειδί, pronounced kleidí, so I'm thinking this should be a kleidíphone.

There you have it - it's a homemade kleidíphone!

Did you notice what they used for mallets in the video - screwdrivers!
Pretty clever...I'm going to go watch the video again.  

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