Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Making Music Tree

I read the best article that details the best competition!
And I'm sharing it for music month.

There is a competition called RED BULL CREATIONS. It takes place in Brooklyn over 8 days and basically teams of creative people are given short notice to build something awesome - and they do! Last year the theme was music (they don't even find out the theme until the night before.)

That's the tree behind them.

Dancing under the tree triggers sensors that create noises.
Making these sounds sounds so fun! 

They didn't win the competition but RED BULL headquarters chose their tree as one of two of the 5 projects to be sent to Red Bull's Music Academy's recording studio (who knew that existed?!) I think that's a huge compliment.

And in the article from Digital Trends.com it says they still felt they walked away ahead because they got to literally drive away with truckloads of materials - including 100 pounds of nuts and bolts! That's a great consolation prize. 

The photos on our blog, and to see more photos, check out the article at DIGITAL TRENDS.com. They describe the activities of the full event and it was a really fun read.

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