Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Assembly Tees...for You & Mees

Ever wonder how things are put together? Well you're not the only one.

Lately I've seen the assembly of different things broken down into diagrams so that the details are visible. Then to make things more fun, t-shirts are made of said diagrams!

This weeks post is of  2 Tees showing the assembly of two very important musical things (remember it's music month?)

1st Tee
Every last detail used in the assembly of a record player - including the screws, of course.
In the old days you couldn't listen to your cherished music without one of these - who's old enough to remember with me?!
Found it at

2nd Tee
This one I found my friend wearing so I don't know where to find one.
The head of the guy cut off in the photo above belongs to my friend John.

You can see John's tee is a little ratty from how much he's loved wearing it over the years but you're still able to see that screws are included here too! Which made me take notice again how our little inconspicuous product is also important to one of our nations greatest art forms, music. The electric guitar is all American, baby!

It's cute they included the pick too.

And lastly, we only included musical ones but your can find tees with bike assemblies, wheel assemblies, pinball, turbos, rockets, guns - all sorts of things - and they are all fun.  They even have a tee for people who hate them!

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