Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summertime Drinks for Fastener Freaks

Summertime means hot days, and those mean cool refreshing drinks.

So here's some fun drinks for grownups to enjoy!

Starting with FOUR SCREW!
The Harvest Moon Cidery makes FOUR SCREW and it won a Silver medal in the Indy International Wine Competition at Purdue University in 2012 - nice!

This beer sounds good - it is described as "A light straw-coloured bitter with a hoppy aftertaste." 
This one may be my #1 choice for my leisure time.

And here's one called Bolt Beer - I like the ad. And I think it may be low in carbs.
Made by Sail & Anchor.

Now some wines...

Nuts And Bolts
100% Syrah
From Herman Story Wines - click over and read the tasting notes - it sounds really good!
I like to mix red wine with sparkling lemonade and drink it over ice (it's so refreshing) but this wine may be too good for me.  At $42 a bottle, it's gotta be good wine.

Then the Bent Metal Winery also has one named Nuts & Bolts...but sadly I couldn't find a photo. But you're welcome to click over and learn more about it.

And lastly an Australian one named Ring Bolt - whose logo is great! But if this wine were made here in the US of A it probably would have been called Eye Bolt! They say so many things differently than us, like nappies are diapers - jumpers are sweaters - a bonnet is the hood on your car - and apparently an eye bolt is a called a ring bolt!

Of course, don't forget SCREWDRIVERS - a shot of vodka & then a bunch of orange juice.

But don't sit in the sun too long while drinking these - that will lead to dehydration and a major hangover.

And always drink responsibly.

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