Thursday, June 6, 2013

Screws on the Beach

I know Summer doesn't officially start until the end of the month but I can't wait!

In honor of my favorite time of the year, here are some screws on a beach.

Those gigantic screws laid on that beach as part of an art project done in Australia last year. I love the photo so much I made it my desktop photo, so I will stare at it all summer long now.  I don't know who took the photo but the sculptures were done by Poul Beakhoj of Denmark  - there were 73 sculptures in total that transformed Cottesloe Beach, Australia in 2012.  I got the photo from ABC News Australia but I wish I took the photo...I wish I saw the awesomeness in person.


  1. Hi, I'm Jerry. I've got an industrial fasteners company in Italy and in England. I just want to congratulate with you about the central topic and the mission of your blog. In particular this post is really funny..I've never think about nuts and screws as something different from its common utilization. Your discovery and the adaptation of this object to very strange contexts is really innovative!!! :)

    1. Hi Jerry. What wonderful feedback - thanks for reading our blog! I always hope it's interesting but I never know so it's nice to hear that someone else appreciated it - thank so much! Ciao!


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