Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This last weekend I participated in an event called CRAFT HAPPY and I did just that - I happily crafted.

There I took a class that taught 'How to Letterpress'.  Basically there was this fantastic old machine that we used to press a piece of paper on to a block with ink, and we made cards.  It was as simple as that.

But the machine that we used was far from simple!

This is the machine - it inks the brayer, the brayer inks your block and then it pushes the block with ink on to your paper - all with one pull on a lever.

That's the lever. The whole thing moves in unison with a single pull on that handle.

And look right there!

Fancy screws in the middle of it all - happily assisting our letterpressing. 
This adorable young woman is about to demonstrate how to pull the lever - and then...

Poof - VOILA - these cards are made!

And I made fancy envelopes to go with them - they look great...if i do say so myself.

It was so fun I thought about getting one of those machines for home but I hear they are in the $1,000 price range so I think I will continue borrowing this one for a while.

For more info check out this article on How to use a LETTERPRESS
For CRAFT HAPPY, which I highly recommend for next year, check out The Makery - they host it.
And last but not least, for your own class on the LETTERPRESS go to Creative Outlet Studios.

Now, who's going to be the lucky recipient of one of my THANK YOU cards...

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