Thursday, December 27, 2012

We made you something...

For our New Year's Eve celebration we made charms for our champagne glasses out of - you guessed it - fasteners!

We were inspired by these we found on Etsy.

They're great, right?
Perfect for a small little New Year's celebration, right?

So we made some of our own!  We made 6 different ones.

And guess what - I still have the Christmas spirit in me and I want to give you a set!

For the first 5 people who leave us a comment I will send you your very own set of 6.

Leave a comment and then email me at with your address and off it will go.

Have a safe and happy new years everyone - see you in 2013!


  1. This is amazing! I love them - so creative. Gil

    1. Thanks Gil! I'm so happy they are going to a good home! I received your address and they are in the mail - you are the first! Happy New Years!

  2. Love them! I'll take my own set! Thanks! :)

  3. Are you still giving a set away? :)

    1. Yes! You are number 3 - send me your address! Thanks for reading our blog Jade.


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