Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Rocks!

It's 2013!  And it's January!!
And last year we declared the month of January to be the month of MUSIC!
(Be sure to check out last years posts.)

To kick off the month, from 1966, we're introducing you to


and their album called


There's a blog called The Devil's Music which basically introduces you to old vinyls - that's where we discovered them (it's a cool blog so it deserves a mention.)

And here's the song!
It's basically sung by a robot and it's pretty adorable - the robot is looking for love.

Hey - sing along!

I'm a mechanical man,
I was built in a factory,
my serial number is 

I'm designed in The U.S.A.,
and manufactured in Japan.
Does anybody here know a
robot girl who wants to meet 
a mechanical man?

I was made out of stainless steel
to protect my brain from rust,
there's a vacuum cleaner built
into my chest that automaticlly 
picks up dust

I am 5 foot 8 inch tall
and as strong as a moving van
Does anybody here know a
robot girl who wants to meet
a mechanical man?

I can fix an automobile,
I can put up a Christmas tree,
I can milk a cow,
I can mow a lawn,
I can pour you a cup of tea,
but I'm looking for someone
who could help me to charge 
my coils,
and fill me up with bat-ter-ies
and feed me my daily oil

I would not care at all
if she looked like a garbage can,
does anybody here know a
robot girl who wants to meet a
chanical....chanical....OH NO!!!!


And lastly, here's a photo of an actual bent bolt.

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