Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Holiday Fastener Crafts

Menorahs! Why not make one?!

We found some good options online...all with fasteners.

Nuts surrounded by glitter is so great! 
Super simple and super awesome - I love that she used birthday candles.
She'll teach you how to make one over at Vickie Howell's blog.

Despite being hardware, it's cute!
And you can use birthday candles in this one too.
Learn how to build it at

Here's one with bigger nuts.
Although I would put it on something a little more classy than cardboard, 
maybe like bubble wrap - just kidding! (Or am I?)
Found it at

And lastly...
It's not the most complicated but the color makes it great! Go to his webpage - The Bohm√©rian - to see it in action. He makes the nuts move with a gif file (you know I love those from this post!) 

Start lighting December 8th - you've got two days to make one.
Happy Hanukkah!

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