Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#4 Thankful for YOU

Did you know the first screw factory was a failure? Sadly, it's true. 

In 1760, two English brothers from Burton on Trent, Job & William Wyatt, patented a screw-cutting machine (Patent No. 751) which appears to be the first major advancement capable of true mass-production. Their machine could cut 10 screws per minute and was considered one of the precursors to mass production machinery. The Wyatt’s machine made a labor of several minutes into one of six or seven seconds while producing a much higher quality product. It took the brothers 16 years to raise the capital to open a factory but for some reason, the Wyatt brothers’ business was not successful. 

Poor Job and William.

So this week we're thankful for our customers that keep our doors open.

Thanks to all of you!

Here is an advertisement from an old nut & bolt company back in 1884 from Darlaston, England.

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