Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#1 Thankful for Fasteners

Fasteners are an integral part of infrastructure - our buildings, our objects, our cars. We can find fasteners in just about everything. All the things that facilitate our productivity, our happiness, our safety, all being held together with these sometimes little and sometimes large things that clamp parts together called fasteners.

And since it's November, we're going to show a little gratitude by sharing some interesting fastener facts, starting with this one:

The difference between a 'bolt' & a 'screw': bolt refers to a male fastener that requires a nut to function, whereas screw refers to a male fastener that is mated into a matching female thread in a work piece. The bolt and nut assembly requires two tools to tighten or loosen, whereas a screw only requires one as the part with the female threaded hole is typically stationary. 

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