Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fasteners Hit the Runway

A fella used fasteners to fasten his fashion line!
And we're mentioning it since March is Women's History Month and the clothes were made for women, and of course because fasteners are the fancy feature.

Christopher Kane actually used fasteners to fasten his women's fashion line in 2013. He even customized his wing nuts - wait till you see them.

Surprisingly, it's all downright pretty.

Looks like normal pretty clothes, right?

Look closer - those are fasteners holding it together at the shoulders.

That dress really is beautiful.

This dress is stunning too.

I can't believe I like this!!!!!!

These are harder to see but the fasteners here are made of a clear acrylic.


I wish I thought of that.

Also we tried to find something to buy, just to see how much things cost, and we couldn't find the stuff anywhere. I guess it was popular.

We did find this dress on EBAY new for $399.
If you click over to Ebay you can use the ZOOM feature to see the fasteners up close.

As a woman, who sells fasteners, I approve.

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