Friday, August 29, 2014

Screwccessories...yah, it's a word

This is my friend Greg.
He makes really cool things. For example, he welded rings on to the gate behind him and put pots of succulents in them to make the coolest gate ever. That's the thing about Greg - everything he makes is cool. 

Like this cool table. He made it.

A few days ago I ran into him while he was working on this...

I saw him with a tool in one hand and a handy tool on the other!
Do you see what I see on his wrist?! 

He wears a velcro, dare I say, bracelet, that is magnetic and holds on to spare screws for him. That way he doesn't have to set them down or look for them when he needs them. 
How come I've never seen that before?! Greg is so clever... and well accessorized.

And that wall he was working on, here is the finished product...pretty cool.

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