Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spooky Skeleton Claw

SO SCARY!!!! It's a creepy skeleton hand coming after us!

(Halloween just got exciting.)

A guy named Dan, at one of my favorite websites, made a giant nut & bolt skeleton hand, and - the best part - he shows YOU how to make one too!


nut and bolt fastener hand
Here's Dan being attacked by the very hand made by his hands - oh the horror!

Take a look and then LOOK OUT!  It is truly terrific.

ARGH! It's alive and it's coming to get me!

WHAT FUN!!! If you would like to weld your own skeleton hand check out the tutorial at And give us a call if you don't have any carriage bolts laying around - we've got plenty!

Last thing, Dan also mentions that the hand makes a great coat rack - click here to see that.

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