Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Screwy Furniture

We found the most awesome furniture by CARLO CONTIN - all based on screws!

Check these out!

These tables are great because you can adjust the height.
See the threads.

Awesome stool, which is also adjustable. 
More threads.

The tripod stool.
I even like the colors.

Another adjustable stool.
And a smaller version of the first adjustable stool.

A second table which - believe it or not - is also adjustable.

This photo demonstrates how the same table can have so many height possibilities.


And combos - it's just unbelievable, right?

Carlo's version of the standard table.

And this lamp - SO GREAT!!!!!!!
I'm really impressed by this furniture. It makes a lot of sense using the screw threading to make it adjustable, which makes it really versatile furniture. And it is good looking too!
Carlo Contin is brilliant.

And again below is the link to the article where I discovered it. Have a read for more info.

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