Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fastener Fun in the Sun

The Saguaro was once a motel that the Joie de Vivre group has now turned into a cool hotel.
The reason I'm including it is because of the incredible canopy structure that you walk through as you enter the hotel (you can see the tip of it poking into the sky in the photo above.)

It's super huge and it shields you from the intense heat so you can't help but notice it and be thankful for its shade as you approach.  

And a girl like me can't help but notice what is being used to construct the thing.

Of course massive size fasteners are responsible. 

Seeing them uniformly being used makes me proud. They're so strong.

Then! When we went out by the pool we found another one!
These canopies are amazing. The geometric visual design of them, and their sheer hugeness, make for an awesome sight.  

This one really showed off its nuts and bolts.

Then, as I was admiring the colossal thing & enjoying the company of my sister...

another little friend popped into my view.
They really are everywhere!

It was then that I had a tiny little moment where I felt the enourmous contribution fasteners make on the world. I was having a beautiful weekend with my family, at a beautiful place, and the nuts & bolts of the world were supporting all of it.*

*End of mushy sentimentality. 

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