Thursday, April 4, 2013

Trash, Books & Poetry

April is a busy month - Earth Day, National Library Week, National Poetry Month - so we going to focus on two things all month long:

Reading & Recycling

To start things off we found a lady that makes stuff out of recycled nuts & washers!

Her name is Tammy Roy and she made all of these.

According to  "The Wisconsin mother of three and former graphic designer traded-in working with fonts and ink samples to pick up a welding torch and make these bowls out of found hardware. She heads to industrial dumpsters and scrapyards to find discarded metal materials to use for the bowls and from the finished product, we see that she was successful."

Then the writer of the above quote, Mike Foran, said the funniest thing - just don't try to eat cereal out of them unless you want to lose all of your milk - hahaaha! 

My niece would be thrilled with this one - her favorite thing (watermelon) would fit perfectly in it.

I would call this one my "Banana & Avocado" Bowl

Even tea lights and coasters - I love them!

And they are for sale right now at the Sawbridge Studios Website

Lastly in honor of poetry month - here's a limerick for you to read:

She found the nuts out in the trash
She filled her bag up in a dash
With her welding tool
She made things super cool
And they're up for sale but I don't have the cash.

Nice work Tammy Roy! I'm going to buy 1 one day.

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