Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day with Chris Cole

In honor of Monday being Earth Day we're mentioning an artist who adds some awesomeness to the world - he reuses and makes beauty - he makes mechanical animals from salvaged scrap metal parts (we can see fasteners all through his animals) - Chris Cole.  So not only are they beautiful but they move - they come to life!

Below are some photos from his website - Chris Cole Designs. Be sure to check out the website so you can also see videos of the creatures moving. Watching them move sort of has a calming effect. They are, as I said, beautiful but they also have a deep peacefulness to them when they move.

The Condor vulture

Claude the fish

The Subaru fish

Wilson the penguin's wings actually flap.

Also 1800recycling.com has a great article about him by Caz Davidson that talks about how the artist is intersecting nature and industry and what motivates him. It's worth reading.

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  1. Those are amazing pieces of art! I can't believe he actually uses different kinds of scrap metal calgary fasteners. Definitely some awesome artwork! Thanks for sharing!


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