Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tubing at the Queen Mary

After Thanksgiving my sisters, nieces & I went to the Queen Mary's CHILL - a super cool event they put on during the holiday season which includes Ice Skating and an Ice Kingdom. And by cool I mean it was both awesome & freezing! They turn their dome into an igloo and the igloo contains gigantic ice sculptures and ice slides - it was 12 degrees in there!  And outside the igloo they have tubing; you sit on a large inner tube while it slides down an icy slope.

And while my nieces were waiting in line to tube, I noticed all the fasteners that were holding the magnificent manmade slope together.

And underneath the rails.  
I wish I could have looked underneath the icy slope - I bet they're there too.

There they were - lots of little fasteners supporting my holiday fun.

And lastly, here's a video of the tubing fun to be had at the Queen Mary's CHILL

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