Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're thankful

It's that time of year when we say 'thanks' for the things we are grateful for, and we of course are thankful for fasteners. 

We know that we're very fastenercentric here so it's not surprising to hear that we're thankful for them but, in reality, everyone owes these little bits & pieces some gratitude.  To better explain this I'm reposting an article I found on the internet that made me feel proud to sell them:

'Why the need for industrial fasteners?'

Screws are the pervasive and unseen power holding our industrial world together. Solely gravity can claim a better ability for preserving items together. Once one speaks of fasteners such as tek screws, zip screws or self tapping screws, one pertains to all manner of fasteners, bolts, anchors, Velcro, threaded bars, and so on.

Fasteners hold two or far more objects in place, with the aim of enabling zero movement. A screw joins two items as one. You may possibly most of the time wonder: why don’t individuals just construct things as one piece in the initial arrangement? Why use the middleman of screws? The answer is that not everything is small & adequate to erect, ship, or otherwise manipulate. Without fasteners, there would be no skyscrapers. There would be no cars. There would be no Velcro tennis shoes or quick-release point costumes.

There are many various kinds of screws, made of different materials. The most recognizable fastener is the screw. As absolutely everyone knows, it is comprised of a head, a shank, and threads for guiding the fastener in, to arrange and for maintaining it in there. The head can take many forms, including those that permit the screw to be removed once it has been inserted, and some that decrease the chance of folks from getting rid of the screws at all. The lengths, widths, and pitches of the threads all vary. (The pitch is the angle that the thread is set at; low pitches enable for less complicated and much more gradual insertions, though high pitches are far better suited for metalwork.)

Most screws are made of steel, but there are many cases when plastic screws will do the trick. Plastic material fasteners are non-conductive, and, in many circumstances, heat-resistant.

Whatever type of fastener you need, there is one on the web for every single kind of job imaginable. Simply think: people are tool users, and screws are arguably one of the single most very important tools in history. If there had been no fasteners, you almost certainly wouldn’t be alive today.

From toys to tuna, cars to chemicals - the mighty fastener is helping to make all of it.

So, to the fastener gods, thank you!

And to everyone else,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lastly, I have no idea who to credit but click on the link below and you can see where I found it:

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  1. Those who love doing handy work would surely need to keep several of these fasteners around so that he could work on various projects anytime he wishes or perhaps in various emergency cases.


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