Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Insane Bolt

Have you heard of Usain Bolt? He's insanely great!

Usain Bolt is the 2011 World Male Athlete of the year, becoming only the second man in history to win the prestigious award on three occasions. He holds World Records and he's won Olympic Gold Medals; he's arguably one of the greatest runners of all time. 
I am going to quote a friend of mine, telling me about Mr. Bolt:

"He is the epitome of FULL MASTERY of your instrument.  He is in the OLYMPICS and 10 meters before the finish line he drops is arms and starts to pound his chest!!!!!  He has sooooo proven himself that he doesn't even need to finish.  Look at all the other athletes behind him and how intensely they are concentrating while he just gallops across the finish line as if he were a young colt on its way to an open pasture."

My friend goes on to say that as a spectator, there is a moment of disbelief, of awe, at what they are seeing; there's a joy at watching someone that is so good.
Here's the video of that Olympic moment:

Man-o-man - he's impressive!

To learn more about Usain you can check out his website:

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