Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I love Heavy Metal

Today we draw attention to the importance of metals. 

We found an article from a few years back written by Mark Nesbitt that points out the pros (and some cons) of a society that appreciates & even relies on the things we build out of metal. The first paragraph is awesome:

"The earth’s crust is rich with minerals and transforming these ores into – metal tools, machines and equipment of all sorts, motor vehicles, solar cells, wind turbines, computers, the internet, communications satellites and the rockets that put them in orbit, medical equipment and innumerable other products – allow us to live a quality of life much different from that of our parents and grandparents. Stop and think about it. Even the most basic things we take for granted, from the roads and highways we drive on to flat screen television panels, are products of mining. Society not only relies on, but demands it receives the manufactured products it wants and has become accustomed." (Click to read the whole article.)


Our lives would be so different without the people who know how to transform metals into things that make us happy & safe. So today we say thank you to those folks.

Thanks miners and manufacturers!

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