Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beat the Heat

July is HOT! I'm not complaining, we're lucky in California to have beautiful weather year round. But I could use a fan. So I was looking up fans and of course this brand popped up.

Then I found an article on Design Milk that talks about their newest fan - the HAIKU
Photo Credit: I think Gregory Han from Design Milk
This fan is special because it is the first fan with SenseME technology; the first smartphone app-enabled smart ceiling fan - TA DA!  And I love assembly diagrams (See past post HERE) so when I saw this, with screws included, I got giddy!
Boo-yah! Holding everything together - there they are - Socket Cap Screws!

So in honor of the HAIKU I wrote a haiku:
I also love haiku (See past post HERE)

Fan that keeps me cool
It's true, I think I love you
Please stay on all day

Should I write one with screws in it?

How about...

Screws that hold in place
Most amazing fan ever
Perfect together

Yah, well Haiku is harder than it looks.

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