Thursday, December 19, 2013


This gift guide isn't just great, it's AWESOME!

For example look at these...
I love the colors...

I love the different levels...

I love them together...

or separate.
The hex bowls are pretty and fun - they're awesome.

And she made this cake mold too.
Guess what happens when you flip the cake?

You get the design ON THE CAKE!

It is hard to see in the photos but the hex design is there - I love it!

Julie Hinault is very clever and she makes awesome things.

Now how about some tools? Check these out:

A website called The Grommet introduced these next 2 to me.

Thin as a dime but has tons of functions, like tightening a bolt!
Click on the photo or here to go to the website - it explains all about the awesome multifunctionalness (is that a word?) of this great tool. Along with a video demonstration.

Then I saw this one:
The Kelvin 2.3 Urban Super Tool - what a name!
Basically, a guy named Kevin combined a hammer, tape measure, level & screwdriver into one piece of equipment perfectly sized for the urban home. Now that is awesome.

That's it for now - we hope you're having an awesome winter so far.

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