Monday, November 4, 2013

Screw Tattoos

Over at you can buy hundreds of different looking fake tattoos. I am not a tattoo person but I love the idea of temporary fun!  And Tattly comes up with some really awesome ones - they use real designers to create their tattoos so they are very clever & original ideas.

And the reason they get a mention from us is because last month they added a set of tools, including SCREWS!  Flat head wood screws, to be exact. 

All of the images below are actually temporary tattoos. The same as the kind when you were little that you would apply with water.

Then I saw this photo from their website and it got me thinking...

Ladies & Gentlemen, 

Children of All Ages, 

besides the Bearded Lady, 

the Ape Man, 

the Knife Thrower, 

the Flame Eater 

and the Snake Charmer, 

there is the Amazing Tattooed Lady!*


Although since I didn't put on a trapeze artist's outfit I simply look like the girl from the prior photo. So I guess, really, I was the Tattly model's ying to her yang for Halloween (flat head wood screws right in the center, thank you very much!)

It was fun for the day. Hope you all had a good one.

*Kids, I do not condone either tattoos or running away with the circus!

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