Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Woven Hexrugs

MSN relaunched and to draw some attention they collaborated with Design Milk to showcase 4 artists and designers that  "...embody the same design, content and functional philosophies as the new MSN.com."  (The words were taken from this article.)

The artist I liked best is Aurelie Tu from Crafted Systems. She weaves felt and makes carpets, vases, wall hangings and other interesting stuff.  The photo below is what caught our eye!
(Photo from here.)
I think this is the beginning stage of one of her Hexrugs. It is not done but I would leave it just like that because I love seeing that shape. 

Although, I must admit, they are quite beautiful when they are completed too.
(Photo from here.)
It's so pretty, I don't think I'd let anyone walk on it.

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