Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Freeway Fashions

So a while back I saw this on Etsy.com...

We decided to make our own version with flat washers instead of hex nuts.
And we were super lucky to have the cutest models visit us at work last week so they were our models.

First up, Dee is sporting your basic steel flat washer, in red...perfect for any gathering or social event for the 7 and under.
Next up my sister has on the extra-large-OD steel flat washer, done with gold ribbon "chain"...sleek and beautiful just like the lady wearing it.
And last, but not least, little Char-Char has on the super dangly, extra-large-ID flat washer, done in Zinc & Yellow so it's really pretty.

Side note: They had so much fun picking out which fasteners to wear that I don't who had more fun, them or me watching them - fasteners are sooooo FUN!!!!

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