Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bolts of Nuts & Bolts

In quilting, a long piece of fabric that's usually wound on a flattened cardboard tube, making it 
easy for merchants to stack fabrics together horizontally or vertically for display is 
called a BOLT - did you know that? 

And I just discovered that there are tons of bolts of fabrics with
nuts, bolts, screws, washers and wing nuts on them.

Look at these!

Can you believe there are so many?!

And who, besides me, would want these?
Actually, I'm not even sure I want them.
 What would I do with these fabrics - make a dress? No way. 
Throw-pillows? N-O!
Hmm...I have to think about it but I'm not really sure
anything would be cool made out of these.

However, some fabric vendors have a great sense of humor built
around their nuts & bolts - check these out:

The slogan over at Nuts & Bolts Fabric is "They are nuts about their bolts!"
At Thousands of Bolts they say "Thousands of bolts...only one nut!"

How would curtains look?

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