Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This furniture is nuts!

Both of my sisters moved this month to new homes and I've been looking for gifts and furniture to get them - things new homes need - and I came across these! Imagine the look of shock and surprise I will find on their faces when I show up at the house warmings toting these along!

It's a sculpture and a table - I think they are so great!

This one is a stool, although I might use it as an end table.  And I read that it DOES unscrew! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

They were designed by Peter Bingham and Charlie Heyward from the Steneby School at the University of Gothenburg.  I don't know who took the photos but there are more if you go HERE.

My sisters are going to need coasters too - I'll get these from etsy for them!

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