Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Mammoth Memorial Day

There is so much to see when you road trip to Mammoth Mountain.

This was in Pearsonville - you drive through it on the 395 heading to Mammoth.

Apparently they have a lot of hub caps but I only noticed one thing on this thing.


Little ones, big ones & bigger ones...breathtaking.

And this is the gondola ride that takes you to the top of Mammoth Mt.

Those are the gondolas...
being held down (or up) by these massive rusty beauties!

Even on the inside...

nuts & bolts are holding it all together...

making it all possible to see this view! Truly breathtaking.

Then this guy walked by - his t-shirt was nutty (and bolty!)

And I discovered Mountain Hard Wear.

Both their name & logo caught my eye.

Lastly, driving the long distance gave me plenty of time to think about how wonderful it is to see beautiful landscapes, to feel safe and to spend time away. It was the perfect time to remember a lot of men & women have fallen in service so that I could enjoy all of this.  I am super appreciative and I will do my best to live a life worthy of their efforts...a moment of remembrance is so little for what they gave for us.  I hope everyone had a memorial Memorial Day weekend.

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