Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We heart Andrew Myers!

At the top of the list of things we love is Andrew Myers.

We mentioned him in our blog last year in Screwed Up Portraits but we never mentioned that we met up with him at his studio and he let us see some of his finished pieces and some of his current works in progress.  He's both talented and cool and the pieces are even more spectacular in person.

His studio

Up close with a work in progress.

First he draws them and then holes are drilled where the screw will be placed.

Then each screw is put in place at a specific height so there is contoured shape to them.

Lastly the head of each screw is hand painted.

Andrew shared difficulties he comes across using different lengths of screws & different materials.

Andew does he do it?

Other artwork.

Some drawings.

What a talented guy, right?!

Be sure to check him out

And he recently finished the one way above that we saw in its infancy. Here is a photo of the final version from his facebook page:
He said he used 9,800 screws!

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