Friday, July 22, 2011

Our STREET TEAM is out there

I went to LA's Largest Mixer over at the Shrine Auditorium Expo Center yesterday with my brand new business card!

I saw pretty much every chamber of commerce in Southern California and met lots of nice business owners and people who wanted to talk and talk and talk.  It was pretty fun (they had cocktails.)

I was a STREET TEAM of 1 (I guess there is an 'i' in team.)

Inside I met the company that makes those floating lights that look like planets.
I thought they were hanging from the ceiling but they're full of helium - they're actual balloons! They're so cool.

These were sitting on the table of a company that makes t-shirts. Weird, right?
Well turns out they do t-shirts AND manufacture custom fastener jobs. Perfect for us!

Me & the mascot for HOOTERS! We danced together too...which has nothing to do wih fasteners - it's just fun!
It was really interesting. I learn a lot attending these things.
I want to be able to promote my business in a really organic, word-of-mouth, friendly sort of way and mixers are a great opportunity to be casual & share information.  And women in my industry are still sort of rare so it's fun to tell people I sell screws, nuts & bolts. I always get a response like "REALLY?!" or "YOU?!" I love it.

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