Wednesday, June 22, 2011

They're everywhere!

I often wonder where our product goes once it leaves our hands. So when I see them prominently displayed, I take a photo. Sometimes their application is artistic and sometimes functional...but always cool. 
A Mosaic wall at THE LAB in Costa Mesa, CA
I think they look good with the colorful tiles.
I'm guessing the rusty buggers are 3/4-10.
This display is at the VANS store at The Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA.
They're using bolts to hold up the shoes - how cool is that?!
McDonald's by LAX is remodeling so we get to see what's underneath.
Looks like 9 of these hold up the sign.
And if you ever see fasteners while your walking around, driving or shopping please take a photo and send it to us.  We love seeing our little guys doing their job. 

Brought to you by Freeway Fasteners, Inc.
We share because we care.

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